When it comes to tea drinkers in recent history, the majority drink their tea from a tea bag. The same individuals site many reasons for doing so, but typically the ease of brewing a cup of tea from a bag is at the top of the list. While this may seem true, it is more beneficial to drink loose leaf tea. The things one gains from drinking loose leaf tea far outweigh any possible negative aspects.


First, loose leaf tea is far more cost efficient. Part of the cost of tea is for the package, and there is a lot more material to make tea bags. A simple tin made of some type of metal is usually what loose leaf tea can be found in. Reusable tins are not only better for your money, but better for the planet. You can also buy your loose leaf tea in a variety of sizes that best fit your volume of tea drinking. You definitely get more for your money when it comes to loose leaf tea.


When you buy from a loose leaf tea seller, they are selling much better teas than you could buy otherwise. The most wonderful teas can't be bought in a bag. Most high quality tea stores sell their teas in loose leaf in bulk containers. To drink the most beneficial and delicious teas the world has to offer, you will need to give loose leaf tea a try. For further details regarding loose leaf tea, you may visit


There is a vast difference between the quality of tea in a tea bag and in loose leaf form. A lot of times, tea bags don't have very good tea leaves inside of them. Some companies just use the after product from using the whole tea leaves in other products. If there is a type of tea you crave the taste of, the taste will be more full when you use loose leaf tea.


Many people fear the process when it comes to brewing loose leaf tea, but it isn't very complicated at all. There are great options found in every tea store to assist you. The top of the tea pot simply has a wire mesh basket insert that fits snugly into the pot. When you want to brew a pot of tea, you simply put your tea leaves into the basket, fill the pot with hot water, and let the tea steep for a few minutes, or as long as you like for the flavor your desire. For clean-up, it's as quick as washing out the basket. It is far easier than most believe it to be.



For the health of your body and wallet, using loose leaf tea is an exquisite decision. Loose leaf tea is by far the best in the world of teas, buy green tea here!