Tea is only second to water in consumption, making it one of the most popular beverages in the planet. You may already have heard of the numerous health benefits of teas, its anti-oxidant properties perhaps the most notable.  Tea also contains less caffeine than coffee, making it much safer to drink in plenty.


A number of benefits of tea are however lost in how we mostly consume tea these days--using tea bags. While tea bags may be more convenient to use, loose tealeaves have too many advantages to ignore. Here are several reasons you might consider ditching teabags for loose leaf tea, whether you like the white, green or black variety.


Extra flavors


Making tea bags is usually a process that involves grinding down wholes leaves into small particles known as "dust" and "fannings." These particles will lose their freshness very quickly as they have a higher surface area to volume ratio. As the compounds in the tea come into contact with moisture and oxygen, the quality of the tea rapidly goes down. This means some of the flavors and beneficial nutrients are lost way before you buy the tea bag. It's also the reason many expert tea brewers don't like tea bags.


You might find some teabags in the market made with whole leaf tea, but these are the exception, not the rule. So while a tea bag might be more convenient, the grade of tea in there isn't of the highest quality. For more facts and information about loose leaf tea, you can go to


Less caffeine


A study conducted in America in 1996 found that more caffeine is extracted in tea bags that loose leaves. This makes the tea taste bitter, in addition to some flavors being lost. It's worth noting that the main benefits of tea, unlike coffee, are not centered around caffeine. So the best teas, especially loose green teas, are healthy to drink in larger amounts than coffee. A great number of experts recommend 2 - 3 cups of tea every day.


More soothing


One other notable quality of loose teas is that they contain more theanine, a compound that promotes higher levels of calmness and concentration. This makes loose leaf varieties the better choice for those seeking to experience more of the relaxing effect of tea, buy loose leaf tea online here!

Bung for your buck



Loose leaf black tea can be infused several times, which means they offer better value for your money. The infusion with tea bags is limited to the size of the bag, and using a tea bag more than once isn't ideal because of their higher surface area to volume ration. Loose tea leaves, however, can be re-infused up to three to six times, depending on the tea quality. This brings down the cost per serving, making loose leaf teas relatively less expensive.


When it comes to tea drinkers in recent history, the majority drink their tea from a tea bag. The same individuals site many reasons for doing so, but typically the ease of brewing a cup of tea from a bag is at the top of the list. While this may seem true, it is more beneficial to drink loose leaf tea. The things one gains from drinking loose leaf tea far outweigh any possible negative aspects.


First, loose leaf tea is far more cost efficient. Part of the cost of tea is for the package, and there is a lot more material to make tea bags. A simple tin made of some type of metal is usually what loose leaf tea can be found in. Reusable tins are not only better for your money, but better for the planet. You can also buy your loose leaf tea in a variety of sizes that best fit your volume of tea drinking. You definitely get more for your money when it comes to loose leaf tea.


When you buy from a loose leaf tea seller, they are selling much better teas than you could buy otherwise. The most wonderful teas can't be bought in a bag. Most high quality tea stores sell their teas in loose leaf in bulk containers. To drink the most beneficial and delicious teas the world has to offer, you will need to give loose leaf tea a try. For further details regarding loose leaf tea, you may visit


There is a vast difference between the quality of tea in a tea bag and in loose leaf form. A lot of times, tea bags don't have very good tea leaves inside of them. Some companies just use the after product from using the whole tea leaves in other products. If there is a type of tea you crave the taste of, the taste will be more full when you use loose leaf tea.


Many people fear the process when it comes to brewing loose leaf tea, but it isn't very complicated at all. There are great options found in every tea store to assist you. The top of the tea pot simply has a wire mesh basket insert that fits snugly into the pot. When you want to brew a pot of tea, you simply put your tea leaves into the basket, fill the pot with hot water, and let the tea steep for a few minutes, or as long as you like for the flavor your desire. For clean-up, it's as quick as washing out the basket. It is far easier than most believe it to be.



For the health of your body and wallet, using loose leaf tea is an exquisite decision. Loose leaf tea is by far the best in the world of teas, buy green tea here! 


Tea is a very popular drink around the world. There are people who prefer drinking tea together with sweeteners and milk, while others  consume it the way it is. Additionally, one can consume tea as a cold drink. All in all, drinking tea is considered  one of the simple pleasures of life. Though, have you ever imagined where tea came from. If not,  then it's best you know that tea originated from china around 5000 years ago.


 Since then, tea has continued to be popular among people because of it's various aromas and flavors. Even people who are picky about food and drinks usually like tea. Further more,tea is the pick among other caffeinated drinks for health conscious persons. Now, tea is either packed as bagged or loose leaf tea. For this piece we will only dwell with loose leaf tea and how  it is beneficial. The benefits of tea are similar even though there are many varieties.


Has antioxidants


Chinese people used tea for a myriad of things  including using it as medication as well as pleasure. It's been discovered that tea is very vital in enhancing our health. There are a lot of antioxidants in tea, a chemical that helps eradicate toxins from our body system. Because it can eliminate toxins in our systems, aging signs are reduced. I you are looking a for a healthy drink that's packed with a lot of  antioxidants, then loose leaf tea is an option you should consider. You can also learn more about loose leaf tea by checking out the post at


Help Lose Weight


You should pick tea at if you want a beverage that doesn't have any calories. Plain water is another beverage without calories, but as we all know, it can be boring. Making a drink by combining loose leaf tea and water is the best combination for persons looking to lose weight.


Reduce Heart Attack


Based of a number of research finding, drinking tea is beneficial to heart as can help prevent heart attacks. As such,  you should drink tea more often if you want to maintain a healthy heart. There are plenty of tea varieties but the most beneficial is loose leaf tea.


Sleep Better


Tea has less caffeine; so it is a perfect drink before bedtime. Tea can help you sleep because it also doubles up as a sedative, unlike coffee which can cause you to lack sleep the whole night. You can actually sleep fast, as tea relaxes your mind.


Fight Cancer



Tea has been found to be very beneficial in fighting cancer. As we all know, cancer is a deadly disease that's increasing in our world. Cancer causes death if not diagnosed early The best way to defeat cancer has  always been prevention. Since tea is packed with many antioxidants, you should  drink it regularly to prevent cancer. Because loose leaf tea from has many benefits, choose it over other options.


There are various compelling reasons to consider consuming loose leaf tea. To play a constructive role in preserving the environment, a person has to be mindful of their diets. Loose leaf tea does not affect the planet in a negative way. It is not hard to dispose of loose leaf tea. It is also important to note that loose leaf tea is biodegradable. Minimal packaging can suffice for loose leaf tea. When packaging loose leaf tea, minimal packaging resources will be required.


The flavor of loose leaf tea at is superior. Loose leaf tea is liked more by many people because it is cost effective. The tea is cost effective because it is sold in terms of weight. Tea is consumed by many cultures the world over. The biggest percentage of tea consumers across the globe take black tea. Loose leaf tea have more benefits than black tea. The best way to enjoy numerous health benefits is by consuming loose leaf tea. The best way to keep certain cancers away is by consuming loose leaf tea. One of the best ways to keep blood pressure under control is by taking loose leaf tea. Those who suffer from cholesterol problems should also consider taking loose leaf tea.


The consumption of black tea is widespread across the world. Black tea is very effective in strengthening the bones. By taking black tea, a person will reduce the odds of suffering from arthritis. One of the best ways to make the digestive system better lies in taking black tea. To avoid numerous health conditions, black tea can go a long way. For more energy, a person should consume black tea more frequently. The caffeine found in black tea is very minimal. The blood flow of an individual can be enhanced by taking black tea. When the flow of blood is enhanced, a person will experience a bust in energy. To improve the effectiveness of the respiratory system, a person should take more black tea. To live a better life, the respiratory system ought to be effective. If you want to read more about loose leaf tea, you can go to


There are many countries where diabetes is a major problem. To keep diabetes in check, a person should take green tea. To reduce the odds of suffering from diabetes by a whopping seventy per cent, a person should consume black tea. Black tea is widely known for having a calming effect. Black tea is widely known for having many relaxing benefits.



By taking the best loose leaf black tea, the stress levels experienced can be lowered.By consuming black tea, a person will be able to concentrate more. When cortisol is produced in high quantities, a person is likely to experience  stress. To reduce the production of cortisol, black tea should be taken more regularly.


The consumption of green tea has been on the rise. The health benefits of green tea are numerous. The healing compounds found in green tea are numerous. The numerous compounds that green tea contains plays a role in enhancing the health of the consumer. To preserve the health benefits of green tea, a unique manufacturing process is adopted. In the course of the manufacturing process, fermentation is avoided. Fermentation has been shown to kill the essential compounds of the green tea.


First and foremost, green tea has been shown to be very helpful in boosting metabolism. When metabolism is enhanced, a person will be able to burn more energy. When more energy is burnt, excess body fat will be eliminated. There are numerous people suffering from obesity today. Consuming green tea can be very beneficial for such people. For those looking for profound results, green tea has to be consumed for a period of about twelve weeks. There are many people today suffering from acne. Accordingly, there is a need for more innovative ways to control acne.


Consuming the best loose leaf tea has been shown to be a reliable method of controlling acne. The ability of green tea to control acne can be attributed to a number of factors. Green tea is widely known to have a detoxifying effect. Going by the studies which have been conducted, and green tea has an inflammatory effect. An outbreak of acne is caused by certain hormones which are produced in the body. By suppressing the hormones causing acne, an outbreak can be prevented.


Green tea is also known for being a strong antioxidant. It is also important that green tea has numerous anti aging properties. The best way to avoid some diseases is by consuming green tea. By consuming green tea, a person will be able to fight off allergies with ease. Due to modern lifestyle, many people suffer from allergies. Traditionally, anti histamines were used to control allergies. Most anti histamines fail in a quest to control allergies. The best complement for the anti histamines is green tea. To learn more about loose leaf tea, you can visit


Green tea is a good way for boosting immunity. To manage stress, a person should consume green tea. There are many medical conditions which are caused by stress today. To prevent certain diseases from occurring, a person should consume green tea.


To boost immunity, it is prudent to consume green tea. To prevent infections, a person should consider boosting their levels of immunity. Those who consume green tea on a regular basis will manage to keep cancer away. To improve the quality of life, and cardiovascular health ought to be enhanced. Green tea has been shown to improve the cardiovascular health of an individual, buy loose leaf black tea here!